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Debby's Project


When we roam, change unlocks doors to new bonds, new home

"Me vine a este país por mi hijo," Maria softly said,

Her sacrifice echoed by many, hearts heavy with fear.

Chapters start and end 


Leaving kin behind, for your own, a familiar immigrant's dilemma,

Building a new life, among struggles, under foreign light.

Language barriers rose, obstacles to surpass,

"Me sentía totalmente desconectada," a whispering recount.


In roles assigned, sometimes our own selves we neglect,

"Uno es esposa y madre, pero uno también es mujer," María reflexionó.

Chapters unfold, as María paints her path in bold hue,

Not a journey to tread alone, but with companions true.


Her son, her steadfast advocate, by her side did stand,

Through gains and losses, navigating this foreign land.

For age knows no limit, nor does the changing tide, La esencia de la vida persiste, más allá¡ de lo que alguna vez vemos


When burdens weigh heavy, holding back our flight,

It's in letting go, we find our wings, taking flight.

"I love you," whispered to oneself, with sincerity true,

Opens the door to self-discovery, revealing life anew.


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