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Dairon's Project

Conversations Across Time: An Interview with a Compassionate Spirit

"I made this poem because his [Leo's] journey resonated with me so deeply. The way he’s changed things for the better is nothing short of incredible. It got me thinking about the ripple effect one person's actions can have, and it sparked a flame of creativity in me. I wanted to capture that essence, that spirit of change, and share it through my words. He shared his struggles and triumphs, and it was like watching a movie unfold so vivid and moving. That's what sparked the idea to write a poem. I felt that the beauty and rhythm of poetry could really do justice to his story. It's a form that allows emotion and imagery to come together. Writing it was a journey in itself. I reflected on every detail he shared, the highs and lows, and I tried to weave those moments into each line. I wanted the poem to be a mirror of his resilience and hope. Choosing poetry felt right because it's a timeless way to express admiration and capture someone's importance." - Dairon


In Boston's heart, where history's deep, lived a man named Leo, with dreams not cheap.

Roxbury raised, on streets so bold, in Massachusetts' cold, his story's told.

His words, a river, flowing free, a treasure trove story.

With hands on wheel, and heart in motion, he served with pride, the DOT devotion.

But Leo's love, oh, it went far beyond the daily grind, to which he was fond.

At his side, a wife so dear, whose art was loved, far and near.

Her pieces stunning, a sight to behold, in every brushstroke, a story told.

Their home adorned with creations so fine, a testament to talent, a visual shrine.

Together they crafted a world of awe, where art and love forever draw.

In conversation, time did fly, his life’s journey, under Boston’s sky.

A great time had, in interview’s dance, Leo’s story, given voice and chance.


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