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Meet Mia Prince

Mia Prince is a student at the University of Kentucky majoring in Sports Communications with a double minor in Journalism and Fashion Merchandising, Mia hopes to aid in the diversification of male dominated fields through her efforts in becoming the representation for young Afro-Latina women. Mia hopes to one day launch a nonprofit to support and mentor those within her own community who are hoping to enter fields lacking Black and Hispanic role models.

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Experience Mia Prince's work

My purpose and motivation in completing this project was to bring myself to my most vulnerable and uncomfortable and pinpoint the message I would like to convey to the world in having the opportunity to do so. Through doing this, I uncovered a story I didn't even realize I remembered and feelings and emotions I did not even realize I held onto so strongly. 

I believe the hardest part of this project was determining the exact memory I wanted to focus on. As I started to brainstorm, I began to have an overwhelming amount of ideas and struggled to determine which I would like to be the focal point of my project.

I believe the easiest part of this project was, once I got in the rhythm of what I wanted to focus on the words, thoughts and feelings came easily!

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