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We offer a wide array of services and support in storytelling, narrative change, learning experience design, and creative and academic writing.












What Workshop Participants are Saying



We elevate learning by:

  • Conceptualizing and developing learning experiences via curriculum and training design (both online and face-to-face)

  • Developing quality learning design from writing personas to storyboarding to course design, development and delivery

  • Designing and delivering professional development to support k-12 teachers, college faculty, nonprofit and corporate professionals, and others in building quality learning experiences for youth and adults.


Curriculum Spotlight







We partnered with The Service Year Alliance to design and develop the skill attainment portion of the Strengthening Service Years as a Postsecondary Option curriculum


We elevate untold narratives by:

​Offering The Untold Narratives, a free web service to support multiple storytelling methods. Everyone has a story to tell, yet not all stories are told. Our goal is to change that through the following:

  • Narrative fellowships

  • Educational events

  • Collection of original stories

  • Writing contests

Listen to the founder of The Untold Narratives discuss the importance of storytelling in the Reimagining Youth work Podcast Series, published by Dr. Torie Weiston-Serdan, founder of the Critical Mentoring Institute "Owning Your Narrative









Partner with us to create narrative experiences for your constituents! Contact us to learn more.


"I love the way Dr. Santiago works and teaches. I felt  comfortable enough to show up and participate fully as a person of color. Her skill at inclusivity and implicit & explicit awareness of diverse needs - really impacted me profoundly."

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"The instructor was thoughtful about inclusion and creating an equitable environment. I would definitely take a class again with Dr. Santiago and would recommend her to others."


We elevate stories by:


Creating content such as books, articles, blog posts, book reviews, toolkits and briefs. ​See content samples below:

Designing and delivering workshops in storytelling, narrative change techniques, creative writing, and cultivating voice.

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