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Meet Shyienah Jiménez-Rivera

Shyienah Jiménez-Rivera attends high school at the Boston Arts Academy majoring in music. Coming from a Latino background, Shyienah is very proud of her culture. Shyienah loves to meet new people and is very family oriented. Shyienah works very hard at what she does and wants to pursue storytelling so teens can relate. 

Experience Shyienah Jiménez-Rivera's work

My project is about how your mind is your biggest fear. It's a conscious that makes you feel negative and disgusted about yourself. The reason I chose this type of topic because we as humans have negative thoughts about our appearance, and I feel as though teenagers, more so young girls, go through that mindset more because we as women try to look and feel a certain way so we can be accepted, by men, by ourselves or anyone for that matter. This projects means a lot to me because when I was little I would always get body shamed because I was too big and I always had bad thoughts about myself and I know other people can relate. What came easy doing this project was me expressing how I actually feel without sugarcoating anything. I love poetry and I love how you can express yourself any shape or form while doing so. My biggest highlight out of this whole poem is how your mindset can change soo much and take control in a positive and negative way only if you let it. 

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