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Everyone has a story to tell, yet not all stories are told. 
Creating more narratives that represent the multiple identities and realities in the world starts with you. The Untold Narratives is your one-stop for storytelling. Find narratives, learn best practices and share your stories. It doesn't matter whether you think you are a good writer. We believe in your storytelling, so come learn and share with us!


The Untold Narratives is a website that will help you release the stories within and share them with others.

Find stories in our collection.

You can also upload your stories.

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Learn the craft of writing here. Topics include Poetry, Memoir and Fiction writing to name a few.

Each month a story will be selected as story of the month. Winners will earn $50 and bragging rights!

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Hand Drawing
Hand Drawing

For her fellowship project, Adesuwa wrote a series of beautiful poems that give us insight into her family history and culture. We also get to see the immense poetic talent she has through her powerful use of language.. We hope you read more!

-Liz Santiago, 
Founder of The Untold Narratives


“It’s not personal,” Ebonekhui starts,

standing tall and proud 

in clothes your father would scoff at.  

His English burns your ears. 


He will not meet your eyes until the ceremonial paint is gone 

So you turn, head high for all who care to see your light

And you wash. 


When your tears clear the paint

all that remains on your naked face is your iwu

And he cannot remove the marks that hug your skin

Kiss your face 


You turn, smile, and greet your nieces

Tell them the story of each curve in every scar.


If their history cannot live on their face, 

It must burrow its home in them somehow. 

Read her complete work here: Adesuwa Olumhense

An Excerpt from Fellow Adesuwa Olumhense's Work

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