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Everyone has a story to tell, yet not all stories are told. 
Creating more narratives that represent the multiple identities and realities in the world starts with you. The Untold Narratives is your one-stop for storytelling. Find narratives, learn best practices and share your stories. It doesn't matter whether you think you are a good writer. We believe in your storytelling, so come learn and share with us!


The Untold Narratives is a website that will help you release the stories within and share them with others.

Read our blog and submit story ideas to be included. We will help you publish your story ideas.

Connect with other writers through online events. You can join from anywhere!

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Learn the craft of storytelling here. Topics include Poetry, Memoir and Fiction writing to name a few.

Each month a story idea will be selected to be published on our blog. Winners will earn $50 and bragging rights!

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Hand Drawing
Hand Drawing

For her fellowship project, Kelsey used a multimedia approach to imagine the future Japanese American Community. The storytelling is inventive and brings to life the ideas of Japanese American identity, personal memory, social community and digital technologies. We hope you read more!

-Liz Santiago, 
Founder of The Untold Narratives

TUN Fellow: Kelsey Ichikawa

For this project, I started with this question: decades from now, what will the Japanese American community be like? Living in the wake of World War II internment, assimilation, geographic displacement, the model minority myth, and cultural dispersal, what do we hope for, and what do we fear? I think this is where speculative fiction can provide openings for our collective future-making. My goal was to imagine an archive of the future, to create pieces of our future history. During this 6-month fellowship, I’ve created a variety of mediums for this collection, including excerpts from an academic paper, a business pitch, interview transcripts, poetry, and journal entries to explore interactions between Japanese American identity, political and personal memory, social community and mutual aid, and digital technologies.

Read her complete work here: Kelsey Ichikawa

An Excerpt from TUN Fellow Kelsey Ichikawa's Work

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