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  • Storytelling | The Untold Narratives

    Everyone has a story to tell, yet not all stories are told. Creating more narratives that represent the multiple identities and realities in the world starts with you. It doesn't matter whether you think you are a good writer. We believe in your storytelling, so come learn and share with us! The Untold Narratives is a website that will help you release the stories within and share them with others. Collection Find stories in our collection. You can also upload your stories. Events Connect with other writers through online events. You can join from anywhere! Curricula Learn the craft of writing here. Topics include Poetry, Memoir and Fiction writing to name a few. Contests Each month a story will be selected as story of the month . Winners will earn $50 and bragging rights! Reflections On A Life is an excerpt from a longer work of fiction. The main character is reflecting on their life and the tone draws us in. The opening section gives us a taste of the potential of the final work. We hope we get to read more! -Liz Santiago, Founder of The Untold Narratives Reflections On A Life by Rhonda Weaver ​ "I remember a plaque a friend of mine gave to me about 40 years ago. I had left my very stable full-time job to pursue something less stable–writing. I wanted to bring the fantasies and the stories in my head into the world. It was such a need at that time that my friend, being a great supportive friend, gave me a plaque. It was one of those, “If I had my life to live over…” kinds of things. It was supposedly written by a 96-year-old women reflecting on her life. There were three paragraphs and each paragraph began with, 'If I had my life to live over I would…'" ​ Read the complete excerpt here: Reflections On A Life Congratulations to monthly contest winner Rhonda Weaver! Join our Mailing List!

  • I am the Lamb | The Untold Narratives Submission

    I am the Lamb ​ By Verónica Zambrano Esquiuel I am the lamb I can see the trap You are the lion Just looking who is the next on your map I can see your lies I know your intention You only want to hunt And I never have your attention ​ You just like copper When you can have gold I don't know what you are thinking But now my love is old ​ I'm looking around Seeing you disappear in the shade Feeling my soul shine Forgetting the promises you made ​ I'm going to stop waiting for you I have give you lots of hints I have lost my mind But now my body is not marked by your fingerprints

  • Black skin | The Untold Narratives Submission

    Black skin By Dr. G ​ Society has adopted a myopic view in response to far too many social problems, A highly individualistic stance of “me and mine have what we need. Y’all are on your own,” Defying the conventional American belief that individual effort triumphs over circumstances. Every single one of us knows someone who is surmounting difficult circumstances. Why do we allow the drawing of an ideological line in the sand Why do they perpetuate the neglect The wholesale abandonment of segments of our population? ​ Why do we participate in “adverse selection” The neglect of whole people groups? Why do they support practices that result in market failure Benefiting those few who are investing in building and maintaining An ever-expanding prison system? Straining social programs, Forcing more people to rely on government assistance to feed and house themselves? It seems that they willfully starve public education of critical funds and, instead, Direct those funds to incarcerate the uncooperative and “dangerous” poor of “Third America.” ​ Remaining is the frontline population of “Second America.” Forced to work for non-living wages, Risking their lives without benefits Working longer hours to make ends meet. This essential class is left exhausted and without representation in decision-making venues, As this systemic failure cycles through and becomes (inter)generational. ​ Meanwhile, First America, calling themselves the elites make more and more money, Influence policies more to their benefit, Privatizing the prison system, for example, On it goes. As I write, few are experiencing record profits, While the rest grow poorer and more desperate. This starved reality continues to erode “freedom” for far too many. How free are we as a nation When our young men with Black skin Continue to die at the hands of those Our tax dollars pay to protect us? ​ #The Untold Narratives #We Bridge Belonging

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