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Inspired By...
An Intergenerational Storytelling Project in Partnership with Everyday Boston

Inspired By... is an intergenerational story collecting project that trained young people how to interview elders across the city, then turn what they heard into art.

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Dairon & Leo

Here’s the beginning of a poem Dairon wrote to describe his conversation with Leo:

"In Boston's heart, where history's deep, lived a man named Leo, with dreams not cheap.

Roxbury raised, on streets so bold, in Massachusetts' cold, his story's told.

His words, a river, flowing free, a treasure trove story.

With hands on wheel, and heart in motion, he served with pride, the DOT devotion."

Deysi & Esperanza

Deysi created an art piece to represent her conversations with Esperanza. She shares about her inspiration here:

“The word Esperanza translates to hope. The word Esperanza is also the name of the person that this piece is inspired by. Esperanza is a woman who has lived through many changes, and periods of growth. She has lived through many different versions of herself, but one thing always constant is the hope she carries for the next day. Esperanza is a strong and beautiful great-grandmother, grandmother, mother, and woman."

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Debby & Maria

Here’s the beginning of a poem Debby wrote to describe her conversation with Maria:

"When we roam, change unlocks doors to new bonds, new home

"Me vine a este país por mi hijo," Maria softly said,

Her sacrifice echoed by many, hearts heavy with fear.

Chapters start and end"

Wael & Ellie

Wael created a video with voice to represent his conversation with Ellie. He shares about his inspiration here:

“Much like the autobiography, not only does my video talk about Ellie’s life it also uses flowers as Ellie believed that it would bring some happiness to such a story, and I totally agreed. Moreover I wanted this video to feel personal and something truly highlighting Ellie so that was further reasoning to take motivation from the autobiography.”

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Nabila & Alice

Nabila painted a portrait of Alice to represent Alice's vibrancy and what she learned about her during their conversation.

Hannah & Beverly

Hannah created a visual poem to represent her conversations with Beverly. This is just one of the pages.

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Lana & Nick

Lana met with Nick and captured his wonderful outlook that he, too, is a work of art.

Leem & Barbara

Leem wrote a poem to represent her interview with Barbara. Her poem includes a beautiful visual component.

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Sylvia & Liz

Sylvia worked with TUN founder, Liz Santiago to write a memoir about Sylvia's time living at 19 Clifford Street in Roxbury, MA. We share the first chapter for your enjoyment.

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